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Mafia Persecutoria

by CWI

Get ready for a lyrical revolution with CWI’s latest masterpiece, “Mafia Persecutoria,” now making waves on your favorite station! Hailing from the vibrant streets of Spain, CWI is a pioneer in delivering thought-provoking rap and hip-hop that delves into political and social landscapes. With an impressive 20-year career, CWI’s discography boasts influential works like “Esto es la Rama” and “Resistencia al Régimen.”

As an MC del sureste, CWI brings a unique voice to the rap scene, challenging societal norms and advocating for change. “Mafia Persecutoria” is a testament to CWI’s unwavering commitment to using music as a platform for meaningful dialogue. Join the movement, feel the rhythm, and let CWI’s impactful verses ignite your passion for change!

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