Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Miko Billz

The rapper – trap artist Miko Billz of Detroit has released a new record named “Masterpiece.” In a single that showcases his tremendous talent and intriguing persona, Miko Billz leaves listeners with an impression they won’t soon forget.

“Masterpiece” is an intense and introspective track that demonstrates Miko Billz’s poetic skill and ability to tell a tale in his own special way. His easygoing delivery and deep lyricism make the listener feel like they’ve been let into his private world. Infectious beats and Miko Billz’s distinctive style combine to make for a compelling listen.

Detroit, Michigan native Miko Billz is making waves in the industry with his genuine sound and unmistakable personality. As an artist, he always challenges convention in order to produce work that will touch the hearts of his listeners.

If you want to know about Miko Billz’s newest music and planned projects, follow him on Instagram and Twitter. The “Masterpiece” by Miko Billz, who has already made an indelible imprint on the rap/trap scene, is about to be unleashed upon the world.

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