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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of AETURNUM’s latest release, “Mellifluous (Full Album) [Visual].” This mesmerizing album blends Bass Music, Downtempo, IDM, and Psychill to create a sonic journey that transcends the ordinary.

AETURNUM, an innovative force in the electronic music scene, has consistently pushed the boundaries of sound and visual art. Known for their intricate compositions and deep, immersive soundscapes, AETURNUM’s music offers listeners an escape into a world of rhythm and emotion.

“Mellifluous” is a testament to AETURNUM’s evolving artistry. Each track is a carefully crafted piece, seamlessly blending deep bass lines, intricate IDM elements, and chill, ambient vibes. The accompanying visuals add another layer of depth, creating a fully immersive experience that is both auditory and visual.

Dive into the mellifluous journey with AETURNUM’s latest album and let the captivating blend of sounds and visuals transport you to a new dimension of musical exploration.

Fresh Release Songs

Seaside Nocturne

Artist: Musical Stories by Joanna

Grenada soca 2024

Artist: Anthony KD

Clerow’s Flipped (Christian McBride Cover)

Artist: Andrew Vogt