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Mercedes Nicole's 2023 Christmas!
Mercedes Nicole
Mercedes Nicole

Mercedes Nicole’s 2023 Christmas!

by Mercedes Nicole

Mercedes Nicole brings festive cheer with “Mercedes Nicole’s 2023 Christmas!” This soulful holiday extravaganza, featuring guests Allison Abobo, Michelle Martin, and Al Lewis aka “Mr. Keys” Jr., transforms the Winter Blue Room in Seattle, WA, into a musical haven. A blend of soul, gospel, and neo-gospel, the mini Christmas concert captures the spirit of the season.

Mercedes Nicole’s heartwarming performance, backed by her talented guests, delivers a musical gift to listeners. The concert, a testament to holiday joy, is a celebration of community and shared blessings. With a mix of traditional favorites and soulful renditions, “Mercedes Nicole’s 2023 Christmas!” invites everyone to embrace the warmth of the season and experience the magic of Christmas through the power of soulful music.

Mercedes Nicole

Mercedes Nicole

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