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Miserable Wreck
Superblood ft Smrtdeath
Superblood ft Smrtdeath

Miserable Wreck

by Superblood ft Smrtdeath

With “Miserable Wreck (Bad Habits),” the Los Angeles band Superblood returns with an emotive and edgy new video featuring the work of Smrtdeath. This track is an excellent example of the genre mashup known as “Emo-Pop,” which combines elements of Alt-Rock and Emo-Punk with heavy guitar riffs and emotionally raw lyrics.

The raw emotions of “Miserable Wreck (Bad Habits)” are beautifully captured in the music video that accompanies the song. It follows a young couple going through some rough times in their relationship, with each scene building to the overall feeling of hopelessness and despair expressed by the song’s lyrics.

“Miserable Wreck (Bad Habits)” continues Superblood’s tradition of originality in both sound and approach. This song exemplifies the band’s development and expansion as they break new ground musically. Both current listeners and potential newbies to Superblood should give this song a listen.

Superblood ft Smrtdeath

Superblood ft Smrtdeath

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