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Mom‘s Song

by Yuphoric ft Meron

The newest soulful rap single by Yuphoric featuring Meron, “Mom’s Song,” is sure to blow you away. This dynamic Berlin duet has worked together to produce a song that masterfully conveys the emotional connection between a mother and kid.

The deep melody of the song is wonderfully complemented by the soothing beats and smooth rap lines, making for an unforgettable listening experience. The music video is similarly compelling, with gorgeous images and touching scenes.

The song “Mom’s Song” is a loving ode to all mothers, reminding us of their unwavering devotion and selfless acts. Through their music, Yuphoric and Meron have done an outstanding job at expressing this feeling.

“Mom’s Song” is essential listening for everyone who enjoys fine music, whether they are fans of soul, rap, or neither. The song is available for download and streaming on all popular platforms, including DistroKid.


Yuphoric ft Meron

Yuphoric ft Meron

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