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Morning Sun

by Carrellee

Carrellee’s “Morning Sun” is an entrancing experiment in electronic, indie, synthpop, dark synth, and darkwave. Carrellee’s forays into these genres began with a need to express the emotional weight of the epidemic, and she found relief in the microKORG and Yamaha DX7 synths.

After getting a lot of attention from fans with weekly Facebook demo videos and nearly a million streams by 2021, Carrellee teamed up with renowned producer Brett Bullion, together with Con Davison and Huntley Miller, to turn 40 demos into a whole album. The resulting songs evoke shattered relics of longing, as each instrument is run through crumpled and charred analogue tape before being recorded.

Carrellee’s “Morning Sun” exemplifies their distinctive blend of nostalgia and modern intrigue, with influences ranging from the Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush to the forefathers of Italo disco and synthwave.

Carrellee’s upcoming first album, “Scale of Dreams,” is introduced with “Morning Sun,” which is accompanied by a stunning music video directed by Doug Pray. Carrellee’s music pulls listeners into a realm of introspection and musical inquiry, with delicate and seductive vocals exploring themes of divorce and desire over a backdrop of burnt synths and processed tapes. You won’t want to miss out on this mesmerizing musical adventure.

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