Hear it, See it Feel the Music.

Moula & Mélo

by Karaka

If you like unique music, this song is for you. With his captivating song that speaks volumes for its unique style and artistic intent, Karaka brings the new “Moula & Mélo” sound in a smooth, pleasing and powerful way. It is a beautiful collection of musical layers of various organ instruments. The whole thing, like a live distribution, feels real and only displays the song’s natural intentions – nothing vague or untrue, just great music. Well and truly keeping the impetus going and the desire high, Karaka follows up his recent spell of new releases with an attractively melodic and heartfelt piece entitled Moula & Mélo.

The “Moula & Mélo” song he sang at a concert is becoming popular by the hour. and also Karaka’s fans are addicted to watching and listening to this video. because Karaka fascinates the audience through his voice. You too can watch this video on his youtube channel.

He performed at many concerts and festivals. The vocals give him a really catchy tune, and the use of vocoder-style automatic tunes adds value to his hooks, while Moula and Melo end up being genuinely quality. His melodies are systematically intriguing, with a satisfying and contemporary production hiding behind hooks, lyrics, vocals and a very modern lyric setting in the most broken bridge section.

Again a step in a slightly different direction, but as always – a crisp and talented, fun hit, the style was worked on by Karaka who knew how to master his concert and write genuine, catchy and relatively emerging songs.

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