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My Fault
Exe ft KSR & Malloy
Exe ft KSR & Malloy

My Fault

by Exe ft KSR & Malloy

With the help of KSR and Malloy, Exe creates an emotional masterpiece titled “My Fault.” This breakup song invites its listeners into a realm of exposed, understandable feeling as its chords flow out.

Exe, an Austrian musician, writes “My Fault” from the depths of despair, borrowing inspiration from personal experiences. The song’s lyrics and melodies take the listener on a heartrending journey through the aftermath of a broken relationship.

Exe’s vocals blend in perfectly with KSR and malloy’s throughout the song, creating an emotional symphony. Their work together is a beautiful testimony to the healing potential of music and the fact that pain is shared by everyone.

Listening to “My Fault,” you’ll be swept up in the heartbreaking web of love and tragedy. If you’ve ever been through a breakup, you’ll find this song to be a therapeutic release, thanks to Exe’s ability to encapsulate the essence of heartbreak. Get ready to be struck by the ethereal beauty of “My Fault,” a song that serves as a tribute to the strength of the human soul.

Exe ft KSR & Malloy

Exe ft KSR & Malloy

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