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by Shailesh Chandra


Shailesh Chandra , A soulful free spirited Indian Pop artist based in Belgium has released his latest song called “Nazaare”. A Hindi song. Free spirited, original, unique and soulful by all means. The song is an apt representation of what Shailesh Chandra aims at creating with his music.

As a frequent listener and as a fan of Bollywood and Hindi songs , I find Shailesh’s song to be a much modern representation of Indian Pop music and the latest Lo-Fi music scene. Along with its Pop notion “ Nazaare” has attributes of soulful Sufi songs. It has got a calming vibe which soothes your heart and mind.

The word “ Nazaare” is of Urdu origin . If you happen to be fascinated or learnt about Indian culture , more often you would find Urdu words in Hindi which are used interchangeably owing to the influences of Mughals. And those words are so aesthetically pleasing for the ears and the eyes respectively. Enough of history. “ Nazaare” means sights or sceneries. Throughout the song it speaks of many sceneries which engulfs your heart with mammoth love. Poetic and enchanting. It transcends you to a world less of worries. Certainly the song has some healing powers. It makes you feel like sunshine on a rainy day.

You definitely must listen to “Nazaare” to soak in its true power. I suggest all of you must find the lyrical meaning behind the song , which is so beautiful and poetically woven. Hence, I will not divulge much about the lyrics and will leave up to those curious minds to figure out and fall in love with “Nazaare”.You will be head over heels in love with the song.

Oh! And Shailesh’s unique voice must be acknowledged too. It has got a huskiness to his low voice which has the capabilities to capture the deepest pits of your hearts. Certainly for the astounding originality and purity. You could feel his soul through “Nazaare”. Everything about “Nazaare” screams beauty and the lines “ Aasamaan , Chaand Tare , Khoobsurat Ye Nazaare” did its magic on me. Still humming those lines as I write this article.

Shailesh Chandra

Shailesh Chandra

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