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No More Grey Days

by Marty McKay

Switzerland-based ‘Marty McKay’ has recently released his new single “No More Grey Days” with a bang to all audiences. On top of that initial melodic individuality, Marty McKay’s voice has a slightly unique sound – it fits this hip-pop tone, but it also offers a lot in the way of personality, which works well with the lyrics, allowing you to get a little closer to the artist as a person. His accent adds authenticity and his effortless ability to move back and forth between lighter, higher notes and heavier, more passionate intense ones are consistently impressive. He brings some vibrancy and sparkle to the song which works very well.

As a lead artist, Marty McKay takes a remarkably natural and somewhat flawless approach to performance. A song like this, with such a subtle uplifting bounce, takes a certain singing style and a certain amount of confidence and character to deliver it effectively. Marty McKay has this technique, or perhaps more accurately – you can hear that it’s genuine, that this is exactly the music he loves to make, exactly the kind of songs he loves to sing.

In the beginning, the main female voice has a strong, addictive sound to his voice. As well as this, the transition from sweet to loud, more exciting moments is flawlessly executed. The song flows around you and all this speaks to your soul. Quiet, instrumental moments allow you to really absorb what is presented, consider it, and relate it in your own unique way. That’s what makes a great song so often, incredibly personal, revelatory and emotionally honest, but doesn’t express itself in an overly specific way – it seems to set up to be accessible, relevant, shared and understood by all of us. It’s just using the power of music to create something that stands for harmony.

From a lyrical perspective, this is a great single. as suggested, the build-up effectively moves everything towards a cleverly simple yet effective hook section. The title of the song and the underlying subject matter works well to gather and hold your attention and understanding.


Marty McKay

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