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On Me

by Burn Herm x Gasoline Monk

Take a deep dive into hip hop with “On Me,” the new single from Burn Herm and Gasoline Monk. This talented pair from Boston, Massachusetts, has a distinct style that combines rapping and producing. Burn Herm’s blazing lyrics light fire to the liquid funk beats produced by Gasoline Monk. By combining forces, they set off an exciting auditory adventure that leaves you wanting more.

Gasoline Monk and Burn Herm were both inspired by the Vietnamese burning monks and their unyielding devotion to their beliefs. Burn Herm and Gasoline Monk, like those who went before them, give everything they have to their music to make it an unforgettable tribute to the brave soldiers who gave their lives. They put everything they had into “On Me,” and it shows in the hard-hitting lines and appealing melodies.

Inviting you on this musical adventure, Burn Herm and Gasoline Monk promise to dazzle you with their lyrical skill and captivating beats. Give your playlist a lasting tribute to their mutual inspiration.

Burn Herm x Gasoline Monk

Burn Herm x Gasoline Monk

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