Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Longstocking & TKO

There is no place more expansive, more wondrous, more riveting than the dreams of the human mind, and this is the place Longstocking and TKO seek to explore in their new EP, “Oneironaut”, out now on Feral One Records.

Longstocking, a.k.a Denni Longstocking Kindred, hails from Seattle, Washington and is the labelboss/A&R for the new dance label Feral One Records. TKO, a.k.a. Tyler Kromm is a resident of Calgary, Alberta, and has worked with Longstocking previously as a remixer on her Troupe Remixed album. Both dance producers are no strangers to pushing underground dance music forward, and it shows through their music which is always a fresh adventure.

This release serves as the debut track from Longstocking’s new label, Feral One Records. A love letter to their home of Seattle, this imprint aims to honor the underground in the distinct fashion and flavour of Emerald City.

When we fall asleep, our mind keeps running. Design and create. Imagining and thinking in full sensory experience. These experiences can reveal one’s deepest desires and fears, or they can be likened to different weird doodles. Such a function cannot be measured by any standard on the physical plane, which is an attribute that music shares. In this four-way offer, the two producers embrace the immeasurable in both dream and music and turn it into a series.

The intensity of the music is as captivating as ever. Longstocking & TKO takes the most alternative synthesizers and sounds available and seems to express a certain emotional depth through specific production techniques, even what kind of distortion should be used and exactly when it should be used. Throughout the six minutes of playing “Oneironaut”, there are walls of distorted sound, followed by soft and dream-like minimalist loops, all of which add to the emotional reality and journey and showcase it all.

Listen to it in person, Even if you are completely subjected to the whole atmosphere at once, you get the full effect by paying attention to the details. There are reflective thoughts and a soft touch of hope in the opening few lines. Then after the first minute mark, the blow falls off, the speed increases, and at the same time the energy, the intensity.

Longstocking x TKO

Longstocking & TKO

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