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OneRepublic – Counting Stars

by Joe Amir


Rock guitarist Joe Amir has covered “OneRepublic – Counting Stars”, a brand new piece of deeply immersive music that carries his uniquely detailed, immersive approach to audio creation.

“OneRepublic – Counting Stars” covered by “Joe Amir” begins as a complex and emotional piece of music; The intro very briefly presents a rock soundscape, played in a distant and contemplative way, and then the bulk of the song begins to emerge, and there’s a lot to love about it. Joe Amiris an instrumental solo cover guitarist, not a songwriter or singer – this release has tons of structure, depth, creativity, emotion and appeal.

Changing situations have such an effect because there are contradictions between them; Space is followed by volume, volume is followed by space and silence, and that hook—the main idea or concept of the song presented in a striking and memorable way—works incredibly well. The structure of the song is a big part of what draws you in when you listen to it. Joe Amir covered music and lyrics using his guitar. He is a super talented artist.

The musical atmosphere allows you to escape, let your mind wander, and then consider these ideas and try to come to some kind of conclusion about what it means and how it relates to itself. Especially when the music or the lyrics are interesting, when it stems from personal experience, but also when it reaches and connects with different people in different ways, and then forms its own stories and thoughts within it. Music is a meditation, when you listen to this cover, you can have an amazing experience. As well, I invite you to stay tuned with Joe Amir for his future covers.

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