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by Second Function

In the heart of Zurich, Switzerland, Second Function, the rock sensation that has graced stages across Europe, Japan, and Russia, is back with a bang. Their latest anthem, “Patterns,” delves into the complexities of modern society, where choices often clash with expectations.

“Patterns” is more than a song; it’s a raw, unfiltered exploration of the struggle between personal dreams and societal norms. Second Function, renowned for their energetic live performances, infuses this track with an electrifying blend of alternative rock, punk, and heavy vibes.

The band’s rich history, including opening for global acts like Biffy Clyro and collaborations with acclaimed producers, shines through in every note. Their resilience during the COVID-19 hiatus culminated in a musical resurgence. Recorded with their original producer, Luk Zimmermann, “Patterns” is a testament to their enduring passion for music.

Join Second Function as they shatter the “Patterns” that bind us, embracing the courage to chase dreams, live authentically, and break free. Get ready to be swept away by the musical revolution brewing in Zurich.

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