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by Anointed Friends

“Pray” by Anointed Friends is a heavenly symphony that transcends borders. This gospel masterpiece, shot against the breathtaking backdrop of South Africa, takes you on a spiritual journey. The harmonious blend of voices from Anointed Friends, based in the United States, resonates with divine inspiration.

Elevating the spiritual experience is the music video’s production by the talented Comedian Griff, known for co-hosting the radio show Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell. The seamless collaboration results in a visual and auditory feast that uplifts the soul. As you listen to “Pray,” feel the unity of voices echoing faith and perseverance. Anointed Friends deliver not just a song, but a powerful testament to the universal language of prayer. Embrace the divine vibes and let “Pray” be your soundtrack to spiritual elevation.

Anointed Friends

Anointed Friends

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