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Pretty In White

by Frank Poelman

Experience the heartfelt bluesy ballad, “Pretty In White,” as Frank Poelman delivers soulful vocals in this remastered masterpiece. Frank Poelman unveils the emotion-laden layers of this timeless track.

“Pretty In White” is not merely a song; it’s a journey through the soul, a melody that resonates with the nuances of love and longing. Frank Poelman’s vocals, enriched with experience and passion, elevate this remastered version to new heights, breathing fresh life into a classic.

As the artist behind the vocals and the mastermind behind the remastering, Frank Poelman invites listeners into a world where every note carries the weight of emotions past and present. “Pretty In White” is a testament to the enduring power of bluesy ballads and the artistry of Frank Poelman.

Next Avenue Band - Cebu Philippines

Frank Poelman

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