Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Doug Reid

Listen to Doug Reid’s AI remix of “PURSUIT,” and behold the beautiful synthesis of art and science. You can find this cutting-edge song on Augustwolf’s ‘Visual Music’ album, where the artist’s imagination has no limits.

Doug Reid, a man in the epicenter of technological advancement, showcases a remarkable artistic partnership between human musical genius and state-of-the-art AI. The core of the original song is woven into an animated adventure titled “PURSUIT” by using AI-generated creativity.

Adding depth and vitality to the AI’s creative canvas, the remix features the amazing ability of Ukrainian guitar virtuoso Oleh Andrievsky. As the music progresses, ‘PURSUIT’ develops into a multi-layered listening experience that goes beyond the bounds of conventional songwriting.

Here, the music of the future is being created right before your eyes. Doug Reid’s ‘PURSUIT’ AI remix provides a glimpse into the exciting future of music that can be created when human creativity and AI advancement work together.

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