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Rossta Mac
Rossta Mac X Buss da Husslah

Rainy Day Schedule

by Rossta Mac X Buss da Husslah

In the heart of Central California, where the rap scene thrives, comes a sonic tempest that will redefine your musical landscape. Rossta Mac and Buss da Husslah, a dynamic rap artist duo, are making waves with their latest creation, “Rainy Day Schedule.”

Originating from Fresno, CA, and the Bay Area, CA, these artists have joined forces to craft a rap and hip-hop fusion that’s nothing short of genius. “Rainy Day Schedule” transports you into their world of gritty storytelling and mesmerizing beats, creating a captivating atmosphere that mirrors the essence of their locales.

With a shared love for storytelling, Rossta Mac and Buss da Husslah are a dynamic duo, intertwining their lyrical prowess to deliver a rainstorm of emotions in “Rainy Day Schedule.” This is more than a song; it’s a testament to their creative synergy. As the downpour of words and beats envelops you, you’ll discover a new depth in rap and hip-hop. Don’t miss this meteorological masterpiece!

Rossta Mac

Rossta Mac X Buss da Husslah

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