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Red Sun

by Frank Poelman - Next Avenue

Here at Next Avenue, we’re proud to present “Red Sun,” an emotionally evocative composition by the gifted artist Frank Poelman. A vintage YAMAHA SG-2000 brings the slow, passionate guitar music with pleasant bluesy and jazzy overtones to life in this engaging jazz tune.

Every nuance of “Red Sun,” a musical voyage that evokes both nostalgia and inventiveness, is a reflection of Frank Poelman’s artistic genius. This song is a monument to Frank’s talent and perseverance as an artist; it was written and performed over the course of two extraordinary days, July 30 and August 1, 2023.

Frank is an established musician in the field of chill music, and his channel features a wide variety of genres, from pop to funk to blues to rock. Frank’s compositions, whether instrumental or vocal, move listeners and spectators alike, drawing them deeper into the wonder of his work. In other words, prepare to be enchanted by “Red Sun,” a stunning jazz classic that will leave you wanting more.

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