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by MellowFace X Dedė

Buckle up, music enthusiasts, because “ROCKETLOVE” is about to take you on an intergalactic voyage! MellowFace and Dedė have joined forces to craft a celestial masterpiece that transcends genres and launches you into the cosmos.

MellowFace, a rising star in the music scene, has already shown his prowess in blending various genres and defying musical boundaries. His unique style is matched by Dedė, a visionary artist whose distinctive soundscapes create an otherworldly experience.

This collaboration is more than just a song; it’s a cosmic odyssey. As the ethereal melodies and pulsating beats of “ROCKETLOVE” surround you, you’ll find yourself drifting among the stars, your spirit untethered. It’s a sonic journey that defies gravity and leaves you breathless with wonder.

“ROCKETLOVE” is a testament to the boundless possibilities of music and the infinite universe of creativity. Let MellowFace and Dedė be your guides as you soar to new heights and discover the magic of “ROCKETLOVE.”


MellowFace X Dedė

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