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Introducing “RUN UP A CHECK (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)” by the dynamic Frankygocrayyy. This track dives deep into the heart of trap and rap, delivering an electrifying experience that showcases Frankygocrayyy’s raw talent and lyrical prowess.

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Frankygocrayyy invites listeners to step into his world—a realm where each track is a journey and every lyric is a revelation. His music is a powerful blend of passion and purpose, offering a fresh perspective on the trap and rap genres.

With “RUN UP A CHECK,” Frankygocrayyy brings his unique sound to life, creating an anthem that resonates with anyone who appreciates the grind and hustle. The official music video amplifies this message, providing a visual feast that complements the song’s intensity.

Add Frankygocrayyy on Spotify to immerse yourself in his incredible sounds. Turn up the volume and let “RUN UP A CHECK” be the magical music to your ears.



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