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Sacral Visualizer

by .Roc Chamberlin

Artist, producer, and engineer Roc Chamberlin has made waves with his latest single and accompanying music video, “Sacral Visualizer.” Roc Chamberlin’s groundbreaking blend of hip-hop and rap creates an original listening experience and serves as a showcase for his considerable talents.

Roc Chamberlin has been making music since he was 12 years old, and his expertise in hip-hop and house music has earned him widespread acclaim in recent years. With the Urban Legends Cult, he released his first major group project, “Forest Fire,” where he demonstrated his skills as a rapper, producer, and engineer. The result was an invitation to play at the prestigious IIIPoints Miami festival, among other great prospects.

Roc Chamberlin is finally striking out on his own with his forthcoming album “Speed Of Light.” As the debut single from this highly anticipated album, “Sacral” lays the groundwork for the rest of the material to come. The music and accompanying images in “Sacral Visualizer” promise to be an enthralling experience.

In his new album, Roc Chamberlin explores new territory in hip-hop and rap, so get ready to be drawn in.



.Roc Chamberlin

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