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Sea of Plastic

by Parham Gharavaisi

If you’re into Gothic Rock, you’ll love Parham Gharavaisi’s new album, “Sea of Plastic.” This official music video captures the spooky beauty of the genre by immersing viewers in a realm of dark tunes and deep lyrics.

Parham Gharavaisi is a solo musician from the middle of the United States who plays a blend of Melodic Gothic and Doom metal. His ability to create something as varied and emotionally resonant as “Sea of Plastic” is a credit to his talent.

Lyrically, the song delves deep into the pressing problem of marine pollution, painting a dystopian future in which the oceans have been rendered lifeless by human carelessness. Listeners are taken on a voyage through this apocalyptic landscape by Parham Gharavaisi’s powerful tale, which captures the dire consequences of our choices.

Listening to “Sea of Plastic,” with its wistful melodies and ethereal voices, will make you think about the state of the planet and the consequences of our actions. The music of Parham Gharavaisi is a powerful reminder that art can mobilize people to take action and bring attention to pressing global problems.

Parham Gharavaisi

Parham Gharavaisi

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