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Sex Drugs Energie

by Sky Sky

Embark on an intergalactic sonic voyage with “Sex Drugs Energie (SKY SKY remix)” by the cosmic virtuoso Sky Sky. Hailing from the pulsating city of Los Angeles, this UCLA graduate infuses EDM, trap, and riddim with her deep-rooted love for physics and cosmology. Breaking barriers as a Barong Family core member, Sky Sky stands out by writing and performing her own vocals, turning her tracks into celestial journeys.

A connoisseur of hip-hop, she intertwines rap verses with heavy trap/dubstep drops, creating a sonic universe that propels listeners through inter-dimensional space. Formerly a performing artist, Sky Sky breathes fresh air into the electronic music scene with rap-infused DJ sets. Mixing genres with astrophysical and philosophical insights, her music transcends, offering an unparalleled cosmic experience that ventures where no beats have gone before. Get ready to be transported to new realms with Sky Sky’s remix – a fusion of knowledge, rhythm, and the unexplored cosmos.

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