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Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel Cover)

by Bonzo Squad

Introducing “Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel Cover)” by Bonzo Squad, a jazz/funk ensemble hailing from Chicago, IL, known for their eclectic style and exceptional musicianship.

Bonzo Squad, led by Corbin Andrick on saxophones, flute, and percussion, alongside Andrew Lawrence on keys and synths, Andrew Vogt on bass, and Zack Marks on drums, is a group that pushes the boundaries of jazz and funk. Their music is a fusion of intricate melodies, tight rhythms, and a touch of improvisation that keeps listeners engaged and entertained.

This cover of Peter Gabriel’s classic hit “Sledgehammer” is a testament to Bonzo Squad’s ability to reimagine well-known songs in their own unique style. With influences ranging from jazz to funk and beyond, Bonzo Squad delivers a fresh take on this iconic track, blending virtuosity with creativity.

Experience the energy and excitement of “Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel Cover)” by Bonzo Squad, and discover why they continue to be a standout force in the contemporary jazz scene.

Bonzo Squad

Bonzo Squad

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