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Steady We Go

by Allis and Edg

In the heartland of Moore, Oklahoma, where melodies blend with the winds, emerges a soul-stirring tune that speaks to the core of the human experience. “Steady We Go” is the latest musical masterpiece by the talented duo, Allis and Edg.

Allison Arms, the powerhouse behind the vocals, embodies the spirit of Oklahoma, drawing inspiration from her diverse experiences. From the stage of the White House Theater in Branson, Missouri, to the vibrant lights of Indian Casinos spanning four states, Arms has crafted a musical narrative that resonates with the soul. A singer-songwriter and Worship Leader for Life.Church, Arms has seamlessly blended Country, Traditional Country, and Blues/Rock, infusing each note with passion and sincerity.

“Steady We Go” isn’t just a song; it’s a journey through the heart of the Midwest, where the power of music transcends boundaries. Join Allis and Edg on this unforgettable musical odyssey, and let the harmonies of their creation guide you through the enchanting landscapes of life. Let the melody remind you that, no matter how turbulent the world may be, together, “Steady We Go.”

Allison Arms

Allis and Edg

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