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by Gianluca Zanna

With stunningly poetic and exciting lyrics Gianluca zanna takes the lead on this new track, “storm”. The songwriting is particularly refreshing, engaging throughout, and provides a beautiful,catchy melody that is easy to appreciate. Gianluca zanna’s writing and performance and the way this specific soundscape flows through are consistently excellent.Gianluca Zanna is a multi-talented person in the music industry. He shows his talent as a songwriter/record producer and publisher. He was born in Rome in italy. And he emigrated to America in 1998 where he wrote and produced over 100 songs available on, iTunes and also he is a professional executive protection specialist, black in krav-maga, firearms instructor and self defense, operating between las vegas and miami florida. This song is very enjoyable in every way. Really cool production and catchy dance rock meet with quickly addictive melodies at the same time. Gianluca zanna nicely produced and presented this piece of work with a great personality on it.Gianluca zanna’s new music track “Storm” delivers fantastic rhythm performance that alternates between gentleness and strength depending on the situation. He said,This song came out of a dream, he was driving in a red Ferrari when the music was being played on the radio. That is the root of this track.This talented soul always brings his music with a positive vibe to all the listeners all will love the flow and the unique vibe of this awesome track too. Stay with Gianluca Zanna to see his amazing work in the near future.

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Gianluca Zanna

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