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Strange Brew

by Sommer Saffron

When musical innovation meets classic nostalgia, the result is nothing short of magical. Leslie Liles, the creative mastermind behind Fresno-based pop sensation Sommer Saffron, has brought a touch of the 60s back to life with her sensational rendition of “Strange Brew.”

Sommer Saffron is not your ordinary pop band; it’s a unique fusion of pop and electronica, delivering a mesmerizing soundscape that spans from airy and wistful to focused and energetic. Leslie’s ethereal vocals perfectly blend with modern electronic beats, taking listeners on a sonic journey.

“Strange Brew” is more than just a cover. It’s a tribute to the classic rock legends, Cream. Leslie’s journey from a Berklee School of Music Online class to the release of this cover is inspiring. This track stands as a testament to her passion for music and her unwavering dedication to her craft.

Experience the enigmatic allure of “Strange Brew” by Sommer Saffron and witness the timeless merging with the contemporary. This cover will undoubtedly leave you spellbound, craving for more.

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