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Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin


by Daniel Martin


Daniel Martin is a ferociously talented guitarist based in Switzerland who always bestows captivating guitar covers to the audience. All his talent and influences are noticeable in “Stranger”, his freshest solo guitar cover. The artist takes a completely unique approach to this amazing cover, which is almost as much about Martin’s connection with his guitar in a splendid way. From the opening notes of the track,  a fingerpicked idea not only uncovers Martin’s incredible knack for the instrument but also builds a grand and contemplating atmosphere outgrowing the original version. Martin refines everything through his own rock lens, resulting in one of the most confidential statements in creative music on record. Certainly, Martin’s own playing has constantly been undoubtedly skilful, and with “Stranger,” his guitar work falls so perfectly highlighting the music that has left profound impressions on him. Moreover, “Stranger”, with distinguished fretboard flourishes incorporated around the melody, adds a softer, playful facet to the track. More eminently, Martin’s talent and enthusiasm are apparent throughout this release. He has the incredible proficiency to fuse divergent techniques into a cohesive whole in a way that makes the listener understand the talent on display. Captivating, sharp, outstanding, and utterly original, Martin’s music goes deep in the veins. Overall, up and comer Daniel Martin is a major talent one should not miss.

Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin

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