Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Gecko Theory

Get ready to be swept away on a sonic journey with Gecko Theory’s latest release, “Submission.” Born from the brotherly bond of Mike and Jack van de Ven, Gecko Theory infuses stages with raw energy and introspective lyrics.

Drawing inspiration from 90s alternative rock, their music pays homage to bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden while adding a modern twist. “Submission” captures the essence of uncertainty during the pandemic, reflecting the challenges of creating music amidst lockdowns.

Recorded during strict restrictions, the song encapsulates a moment in time destined to be remembered for generations. Lead singer Mike van de Ven’s hand-drawn film clip adds a personal touch to the experience.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Gecko Theory invites listeners to rock their senses and embark on a wild ride through their musical universe. So, buckle up and let “Submission” take you on a journey through the depths of emotion and sound.

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