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by Shotgun Bully

“Supernova” ignites the music scene as Shotgun Bully blends pop and rap in a genre-bending anthem. Hailing from Virginia Beach, Shotgun Bully is not just an artist; he’s a dream chaser on a mission to defy expectations and uplift lives through his music.

In the fusion of pop and rap, Shotgun Bully crafts a unique sonic experience that transcends boundaries. His journey is more than beats and lyrics; it’s a testament to resilience and ambition. As he navigates through life’s challenges, Shotgun Bully invites you to join him on a transformative journey through the melodic universe of “Supernova.”

Dive into the magnetic sounds of Shotgun Bully as he propels himself towards a musical horizon, proving that dreams are the driving force behind every compelling note.

Shotgun Bully

Shotgun Bully

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