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You broke me first

by captain cloud

Embark on an electrifying journey with Captain Cloud’s remix of Tate McRae’s hit single, “you broke me first.” Blending electronic beats with McRae’s haunting vocals, this remix takes the original to new heights, creating a sonic experience unlike any other.

Hailing from Canada, Captain Cloud brings his unique flair to the electronic music scene, fusing elements of dance, pop, and indie to create a sound that’s as refreshing as it is captivating.

With its pulsating rhythm and atmospheric melodies, “you broke me first (Captain Cloud Remix)” invites listeners to lose themselves in a world of sound and emotion. Whether you’re dancing in a crowded club or lost in your thoughts, this remix is sure to leave a lasting impression.

So, surrender to the music and let Captain Cloud’s remix of Tate McRae’s “you broke me first” transport you to a realm where the beat never stops and the possibilities are endless.

C Cloud

captain cloud

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