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That Girl Called Abi
That Girl Called Abi


by That Girl Called Abi

From the sun-kissed shores of Perth, Western Australia, emerges a new voice in the music scene – That Girl Called Abi. Abi Rose, an Australian/British self-producing singer-songwriter, unveils her debut single, “Telepathy,” transporting listeners into a world where Brit pop meets soulful vocals.

Abi’s musical journey, shaped by her experiences in London’s iconic FH Block and Tileyard Studios, reflects her encounters with love. The song, a harmonious blend of Brit pop and house influences, showcases Abi’s multifaceted talents as a producer, vocalist, and skilled songwriter.

Behind the beats lies a deeply personal narrative – Abi’s coping mechanism for the loss of her father and sister. In 2024, Abi plans to release tracks like “War Cry” and “Gaslighting,” urging listeners to reflect on life’s unpredictability and embrace every moment. “Telepathy” marks the beginning of Abi’s musical odyssey, promising a captivating story unfolding through her music in the coming year.

That Girl Called Abi

That Girl Called Abi

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