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Territorio Infiel


Get ready for an adrenaline rush with SVICIDVL’s latest single, “Territorio Infiel.” This track is an explosive fusion of trap, EDM, and metal, delivering a powerful punch reminiscent of American dark trap artists like CORPSE, KAMAARA, Grim Salvo, and Istasha.

Hailing from Spain, SVICIDVL is known for pushing the boundaries of urban music. “Territorio Infiel” showcases his unique style, blending wild and extreme elements into a cohesive and electrifying sound. The track’s catchy EDM chorus, combined with deep, dark vocals and a raw trap beat, culminates in a ferocious metalcore guitar riff.

SVICIDVL’s fearless approach to music makes “Territorio Infiel” a standout track that defies genre conventions. Fans of dark and intense soundscapes will find themselves captivated by this innovative and exhilarating release. Don’t miss out on experiencing the cutting-edge sound of SVICIDVL!

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