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That’s Life

by Erik Devine

Erik Devine is a rising star of the new generation. He is a young hip hop singer who comes from Melbourne Australia. He is a talented lyricist and has pure abilities. He brushed up his talents day by day and studied very well. That is why he can be a popular artist at present.

He came up with this art form and found his skill’s potential. He is more looking for respect in the hip hop scene than fram. He has a strong fan base. He writes many songs for them. He can expect anything from wordplay and multisyllabic lyricism for some high energy tracks to vivid storytelling to get he thinking in a relaxed vibe on deeper topics.

Erik Devine’s new release “That’s Life” will definitely be popular soon. When you watch this song you will understand how talented he is. Not only that, his wordplay is amazing. I can’t explain how he did that. He has a clear talent and definitely has a bright future. Though his music always strikes a chord, this latest single seems to bring through a whole new level of personality and identity.

He mentioned whether or not the listeners are there, he will be making music purely, because he loves it. But he hopes some of the listeners jump on board to watch the journey. He will love anyone who does.

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Erik Devine

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