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The Answer Lies In The Little Things

by Frank Poelman

Dive into the soulful soundscape of ‘The Answer Lies In The Little Things,’ an instrumental ballad by the maestro himself, Frank Poelman. This bluesy/jazzy composition takes you on a musical journey, where the resonance of Frank’s guitar strings weaves a tale of emotions.

Frank Poelman, a virtuoso in the world of blues and jazz, unveils a new sonic masterpiece. ‘The Answer Lies In The Little Things’ is not just a song; it’s a reflection, a contemplation captured in the melody of strings. Frank’s guitar becomes a vessel for storytelling, transcending geographical boundaries.

As you immerse yourself in this bluesy/jazzy ballad, let the music speak to your soul. ‘The Answer Lies In The Little Things’ is a reminder that sometimes, in the intricate notes and gentle strums, we find the answers we seek.

Next Avenue Band

Frank Poelman

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