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One Quarter
One Quarter

The Answer

by One Quarter

Straight out of Texas, the prodigious quartet known as “One Quarter” storms onto the music scene with their debut single, “The Answer.” Comprising four brothers aged 16 to 19, One Quarter represents the musical prowess of a fraction of their 16-sibling family.

In “The Answer,” the band delivers an alternative pop-rock anthem that refuses to bow to societal norms. With unyielding determination, they declare that regardless of external opinions, they possess the answer. The track pulsates with a power that breaks down hearts of stone and melts icy resolve, showcasing the might inherent in unity.

As One Quarter’s inaugural musical endeavor, “The Answer” beckons listeners to witness the emergence of a sibling symphony, harmonizing their collective voice to echo a resounding declaration of self-assurance and musical brilliance.

One Quarter

One Quarter

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