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The Harmony Of Angelic Voices

by Frank Poelman - Next Avenue Band

This beautiful ballad, “The Harmony Of Angelic Voice,” was written by the gifted Frank Poelman and performed by the Next Avenue Band, you’re in for a wonderful treat. Infusing slow, passionate guitar playing with delicious bluesy and jazzy undertones, this stirring work takes the listener on a musical adventure unlike any other.

A magical quality is added by Frank Poelman’s deft playing on his Gibson Les Paul Anniversary from 2014. This tune is a compelling emotional roller coaster, including elements of blues, jazz, and ballad.

Frank Poelman’s commitment and talent are on full display in this song, which he wrote and performed in the last week of July, 2023. Listening to this wonderful tune can help you forget your troubles and feel better about life.

Frank Poelman’s channel features a wide range of music, from pop and funk to the blues and rock, all of which are calming and interesting. He also sings on a few tunes, and both the instrumentals and the vocals are incredible. Take yourself on a peaceful and joyful trip to the stars because of the music.


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