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The Legend Of The Dream Catcher

by Frank Poelman

“The Legend Of The Dream Catcher” is a musical journey curated by the talented Frank Poelman, now streaming on your favorite station. Frank, hailing from the artistic landscapes of Belgium, brings a unique blend of Blues Rock with a jazzy/funky edge in this captivating composition.

A true maestro, Frank wrote and performed this fusion masterpiece, recorded on the 18th of November 2023. “The Legend Of The Dream Catcher” goes beyond the realms of conventional blues and rocks, delving into the origins and meanings of the mystical ‘Dream Catchers.’ It’s not just a song; it’s a sonic exploration into the cultural tapestry of dreams.

Let Frank Poelman be your guide as he weaves a musical narrative that transcends genres, inviting you to experience the legend behind the Dream Catcher in a way that only blues rock with a jazzy/funky twist can deliver.

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