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The Process

by In Tha Hillz

This remake from Montgomery, Alabama – delightful, but minimal – opens as a very raw, organic, awesome performance of a well-known classic. In Tha Hillz released his new single “The Process.”

In Tha Hillz is a well-talented artist in Montgomery, Alabama and this awesome soul always wanted to do something unique and different to the music industry. Without a doubt “The Process” is one of the greatest examples for the same.

Terrance Hill also known as “In Tha Hillz” is a recording artist and writer that describes music as his heartbeat. Hill is also the president and founder of Double E TV to showcase new artists and spread the word about their music. As a founder and president of Glad Tidings Community Outreach, Hill looks to inspire the community with positivity and inspiration for all. In his opinion, music mean everything to him.

There’s a certain freshness and character to the artist’s voice, a realness as well as a genuine level of effortless soul; All subtly present something new. More than this, the song is very well written. The evolving melody, the poetry, the various parts – it quickly becomes familiar and satisfying as far as musical escapism goes. The song’s apparent ambiguity or vaguely obvious subject matter speaks volumes for the artistry of the release.

The following instrumental draws inspiration from hip hop and rap music, captures a deeply soulful and mellow rhythm, and the lead vocals are completely stripped-down, up close and personal, drenched in reverb, for atmosphere. The way the artist moves between hip-hop and rap is masterfully maintained – neither end of the spectrum nor standing alone, there is something to appreciate in every moment, the simple fact is that this is exactly the kind of music that most listeners want.

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