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The Toll
Cruising Altitude
Cruising Altitude

The Toll

by Cruising Altitude

Featuring some of the best guitar work and melody stories with organic rock soundtracks to elevate the background and mood of each track, Spirits continues to impress in that it is inspiring and proves to be nostalgic and that the sound is amplified.

‘Cruising Altitude’ is a new artist. He lives in Philadelphia, PA, USA. he comes to this field with his pre-debut single “The Toll” with the lyric video. You can watch his video on the Cruising Altitude Youtube channel.

“The Toll” is the most important piece of music, and it completely confuses you – to the point where it feels like a lyrically guided song; There is no doubt about the essence of heartache and this is what connects it to the listener.

With simple but addictive bass work to keep objects heavy and warm in the room, there are many vocal layers on the track for a very diverse hook that appeals, repeats and resonates throughout the room repeating and connecting with its singing.

Exquisite, beautifully executed – organic but crunchy and clean that allows the listener to really increase the volume and escape the moment. Also, a strong outline for ‘Cruising Altitude’ as an inventor and artist. One to look out for when and when live footage will return.

Great guitar work, a strong musician united by his thirst and talent at this moment. The keywords are amazing, the singer pours out every grain of emotion and presence he needs to deliver these lyrics and fulfill the enduring power of the music around them.

‘Cruising Altitude’ is unquestionably an artist who rejoices in written work and performance and one to keep a close eye on in the coming months as the international music scenes kick back into shape. “The Toll” is straightforward and fearless, introducing his style in an authentic and inevitably infectious way.

Overall, ‘The Toll’ is a well-crafted, catchy guitar sound and an energetic communication and catchy rock release that appeals to rock lovers out there. Increase the volume.


Cruising Altitude

Cruising Altitude

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