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Time Square


Houma, Louisiana’s own FBBTP is making waves in the hip-hop and rap world with his new single “Time Square.” His biography as an artist is shrouded in obscurity, yet his music speaks for itself.

More than merely music, “Time Square” makes a political statement. Through his music, FBBTP sends a strong message: a young Black man from the South can succeed and thrive in any situation. It’s a rallying cry, a song of self-empowerment.

FBBTP has a catchy beat and meaningful lyrics that capture the essence of drive and aspiration. He personifies the ethos of defying convention and demonstrating that the sky is the limit for ambition.

The song “Time Square” is more than simply music; it’s a call to action to never give up on your aspirations. The music of FBBTP serves as a constant reminder that any “Time Square” in our life can be conquered with enough hard work and faith.

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