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Toon Play

by Big Tyme

“Toon play” is the newly released music video by the famous artist Big Tyme. Big Tyme comes from Detroit, displaying his talents in Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap industries of music. His recent single “Toon play” is a two minutes and eight seconds music video which is produced in hip hop style of music. Tyme says that if there was anything that he could be inspired by in order to produce this amazing piece of work, it is definitely his childhood memories.
The title of the song itself is very much significant because it hints at childhood times where children sit in front of the television watching their favorite cartoons and playing while roaming around. In fact, this music video brings out the nostalgic impressions of the memorable childhood. “Toon play” consists of comprehensive lyrics that speak to the heart of the listeners. Specially, the repetition of “what else to stay?” really questions about childhood. Thus, Big Tyme has done the wordings in a beautiful way in which they flow throughout the song as a beautiful narration. Additionally, the black and white background used to display the cartoon videos at the beginning of the song further adds more uniqueness to the song. Also, the colored pictures presented after the black and white background further upgrade the quality of being unique. Perhaps, it is obvious that Tymes has produced this piece of work in a very creative manner which is hard to find in the songs today.
The beat of the song is also something that should undergo with deserving praise. The strum of beats stimulates the taste for the hip hop style of music among the listeners. Therefore, it is clear that Big Tyme is doing a perfect job to elevate the hip hop style in the music industry. Consequently, it is evident that “Toon play” by Big Tyme is an intriguing production.

Big Tyme

Big Tyme

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