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Phantom Frost
Phantom Frost


by Phantom Frost

Louisiana’s own, Phantom Frost, revs up the rap scene with his latest release, “Toretto.” A homage to the adrenaline-fueled world of “Fast and Furious,” this high-octane anthem propels listeners into the fast lane of life.

Phantom Frost’s lyrical prowess takes center stage, seamlessly blending with the pulsating beats that define the hip-hop artistry of “Toretto.” The accompanying music video, skillfully directed by Zay Henry, elevates the experience with intense visuals, high-speed chases, and jaw-dropping stunts. RO_Officiall’s dance moves add an extra layer of dynamism, making this a complete audio-visual spectacle.

As a hip-hop force from Louisiana, Phantom Frost not only pays tribute to cinematic speed but cements his status as a rap virtuoso. “Toretto” isn’t just a song; it’s a sonic joyride that leaves you craving more from this talented artist.

Phantom Frost

Phantom Frost

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