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Tribal Heart

by DJ Zeyhan

Embark on a hypnotic journey with “Tribal Heart,” the latest mesmerizing track by DJ Zeyhan, hailing from Munich. With influences rooted in organic house, tribal house, and deep house, DJ Zeyhan crafts a sonic landscape that transcends borders and genres.

A veteran of the global bass and organic house music scene since 1996, DJ Zeyhan brings decades of experience to his craft. From playing at renowned clubs and festivals in Munich to international events, his musical prowess knows no bounds.

Drawing inspiration from legends like Daniele Baldelli and DJ Stefan Egger, DJ Zeyhan’s sound is a fusion of eclectic rhythms and pulsating beats. With a career spanning over two decades, he continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide.

So lose yourself in the hypnotic rhythms of “Tribal Heart” as DJ Zeyhan takes you on a sonic adventure like no other, straight from the heart of Vienna, Austria.

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DJ Zeyhan

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