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Under Influence

by Yung Cavo

A native American from Georgia,USA Yung Cavo is an upcoming artist looking forward to making his name in the domain of music. His latest song “ Under Influence ” shows his potential of becoming a renowned Hip Hop / Rap artist given that he remains true to himself and for the art. Great efforts, dedication and creativity would be the only way upwards, if he aims at being a maestro at Hip Hop.

I often wonder, what makes a person choose a certain art form to express himself or herself ? or even the ones who do not fit into the binary categorization, it is imperative we give utmost importance and acknowledgement to them too. And which of course has no correlation to the song yet felt voicing out.
Often a person is shapened through the environment , experiences , roots and origins. Yung Cavo is no exception. Having Afro-American origins and choosing Hip Hop seems natural , where Afro- Americans dominate the art form.

“Under Influence” speaks of the street reality. One’s struggle to stay on the right path on the journey called life which is always looked forward yet looking backwards only provides meaning. While there are many distractions , certain distractions are addictive and life destroying. Some indulge for pleasure and some to endure pain. Either way at the end it only takes away sanity and life. Throughout the song , Yung speaks of the lingering desire of a person under heavy influence who still wishes for a normal life.
And that of course was my own interpretation.

The beauty of “Under Influence” is that the song synchronizes well with electro Hip Hop beats which gives extra edge and impact. Yung Cavo , though a novice, does not shy away with his Rap skills and there is a lot of scope for improvement. The production quality is admirable and needs a bit of polishing. Overall “Under Influence” is impactful , raw and honest. A long journey is ahead of Yung Cavo. Hence, it’s time to welcome the new kid to the block.

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