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by eSper jake

Unleash your creativity with the new single and video from eSper jake, “Unimaginable.” Rapper and hip hop musician eSper jake, from Rochester, New York, is noteworthy for his skillful fusion of traditional sounds with a refreshingly nave approach to his craft. His new album, “Save The Children,” displays his lyrical prowess and commitment to rapping.

Over the course of his 12 years as a songwriter, eSper jake has developed into a masterful poet and storyteller. The mesmerizing “Unimaginable” transports its listeners to a fantastical realm where impossible things become possible. eSper jake demonstrates his talent for escapism through his music, which features deep thoughts set to catchy tunes.

eSper jake, a rapper from Rochester, New York, is making waves with his original sound and deep dedication to his craft. Plunge into eSper jake’s “Unimaginable” and hear the beauty of his music for yourself.

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