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Vamos a Intentarlo

by Cristian Cuevas

“Vamos a Intentarlo” by “Cristian Cuevas” is a great track with different levels of character and personality through the sound every time it’s played. The musical background has a unique twist to it – a vintage vibe, a soft and soulful atmosphere, but; Cristian Cuevas’s songwriting and performance are undeniably true to his own artistic approach and style. Always a pleasure to listen to, there’s certainly creative freedom there, but the recording and songwriting also tip their hats to some very classic soul songs, and for this reason, an element of nostalgia is thrown into the mix. Just adds another reason to love the track.

Cristian Cuevas is one of the hardest-working musicians in South Florida. He has been clever at music since he was a child. He is also working as the musical director and composer for Tv Shows on various networks such as Telemundo/NBC and Mega TV, Whether it is performing in sold-out venues around the world, playing on national TV for millions of viewers, or recording from his home studio. At age 30, Cristian Cuevas continues writing his musical journey as he is currently working as a producer and arranging his own upcoming album where he is featured singing and playing the piano.

The backing track is a great display of creative production, and the accompanying soundscape has that crucial depth and hope that we so desperately need right now. “Vamos a Intentarlo” has unique energy unique to the artist, a very important trait to possess, especially with instrumental music. The story that unfolds when the music surrounds you is immense and powerful, a true and beautiful gem of musical intensity and escapism.

“Vamos a Intentarlo” has an instantly catchy hook about it; Hit the key line and the rhythm it delivers and sink right in. As the track progresses, the music puts you in a good place, the beats and instruments are quite dense and varied, so there’s always something to fill any quiet moments – it makes for a great sound to sit back and relax. A little stirring of the artist’s character and expression makes the track nostalgic, comforting, endearing and fresh.

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