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by Kelsie Kimberlin


Kelsie Kimberlin, hailing from Washington DC, delivers a powerful message through her new song and video, “Vlad.” With Indie and Alternative influences, Kelsie’s music transcends genres, creating a captivating sonic experience. Her artist bio provides insight into a dedicated musician with a commitment to her craft, as showcased on her official website.

In a profound and impactful move, Kelsie Kimberlin shares the inspiring story behind her recent release, “Armageddon.” The song addresses Ukraine’s fight against the Armageddon unleashed in 2014 and intensified in 2022. Filmed amidst martial law and military-controlled areas, Kelsie’s video captures the harsh reality faced by the Ukrainian people. A testament to her American-Ukrainian heritage, the authenticity of the footage speaks volumes. Kelsie Kimberlin’s artistic expression becomes a call to action, echoing President Zelensky’s plea for artists to use their music to support Ukraine. With “Vlad,” Kelsie Kimberlin merges artistry with advocacy, urging listeners to stand in solidarity with Ukraine during these challenging times.

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